Extensive knowledge of the area...

Our staff has lived in the City of Russellville for over 20 years, and we have consulting experience across the state of Arkansas. We have been here through the expansion and growing pains this state has faced. After 12 years working as City Engineer, Mr. Barrett knows the city of Russellville and the state of Arkansas like the back of his hand. Having dealt with traffic problems, drainage issues, and the need for better facilities, Mr. Barrett understands the intricate parts of this state and is better equipped to ensure these components are taken into consideration and incorporated into the concept in order to achieve the best design for the project.

Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering


Barrett & Associates specializes in land surveying, geotechnical and environmental engineering. We can assist construction, stone and concrete companies with our geotechnical lab. When companies develop a site for construction, the engineering concepts must begin with the geotechnical engineer. Our goal is to support the company & design team by providing quality engineering services on all projects. We look forward to assisting companies with our construction material testing capabilities.


Engineering Technician - Monitor undercut/backfill, inspection of footings & reinforcing steel And concrete batch observations, Monitoring of deep foundations footing inspections, pre-placement & Stressing of post-tensioning tendons Bolt torque and other technical testing.

AHTD Qualified Technician - Testing of fresh concrete, earthwork & asphalt placements on projects Requiring CTTP certification.

Field Services Manager - Jobsite Consultation and Remedial Recommendations.

Principal Engineer, P.E. - For engineering consultation at client’s request.

Field Density Determination


Slump Test (ASTM C 143)

Air Content Test (ASTM C 173 and C 231)

Floor Flatness (ASTM E 1155)

Laboratory Testing

Standard Proctor (ASTM D 698) - Establishing laboratory moisture-density relationship by ASTM D 698

Modified Proctor (ASTM D 1557) - Establishing laboratory moisture-density relationship by ASTM D 1557

Atterberg Limits

Sieve Analysis (3/4” through No. 200 Sieve)

Compressive Strength of Concrete Test Specimens - Laboratory testing of molded concrete cylinders

Concrete Mix Verification - Plant verification of concrete mix designs proposed for the project. Includes slump, air, making, curing and testing of 12 test cylinders.

Availability to the Project...

Having our office in Russellville, our staff is available anytime of the day or weekend. This is important because time is money and quick decisions need to be made on project sites so as not to impact the project completion and cost. Having worked for the city, Mr. Barrett understands this and appreciated it when it was done for him.

Proven Design Capabilities...

No doubt you can look all around Russellville and see the design capabilities Mr. Barrett and his staff have from the many existing projects they were entrusted with. From the state-recognized best facility in recreation - the Pleasant View Softball Complex, to the first ever round-a-bout on South Vancouver & Sequoyah Way. These are just a small example of the many great projects constructed in Russellville.


Bareet & Associates

take an innovative 5 stage project development approach to complex projects. It begins with the project kick-off meeting.


Client and B&A staff will discuss the project in detail and develop a succinct direction early on. Followed by the investigative stage.


Comprehensive field reviews, survey activities, utility maps and asbuilt research is completed during this stage.


B&A staff will prepare conceptual plans for the 30% submittal. The plans will contain sufficient information to identify necessary improvements and a preliminary cost estimate before proceeding further. Upon approval of the concept, the detailed design process will commence.


In this stage of the design, 60%, 90%, and 100% plans are reviewed and completed.


This is the Construction Management Support Services B&A can provide upon request. We take pride in, and stand behind our design solutions, and as such are very proactive during the construction phase of the project.

Barrett & Associates Staff

Barrett & Associates staff has specialized experience in providing services typically involved in projects requiring street construction, drainage, underground pipelines, reconstruction of existing areas and streets, including paving overlays; signage and striping; accessibility ramps and sidewalks; modifications or additions to drainage facilities and residential development.

Our focus is good client relations, continual communication, honest and accurate representation of the project progress. We want your experience with Barrett & Associates to be positive, open, and user friendly.